Our widely supplying systems allows us to get all kinds of high quality functional fabrics, polyurethane coating, lamination finish, water proof and breathable coated , knitting mesh fabrics , UV-Cut , Light weight fabrics , Quick drying , 3 Layer / 2Layer fabrics, 2 way / 4 way stretch fabrics, and other special functional fabrics

Research and Developing Team

Our Fabrics for Turnout and Stable Rugs are available in :

Nylon : 210D,420D,840D,1260D,1680D

Ripstop Polyester : 300D,600D,900D,1200D ,1500D ,1800D;

Waterproof and Breathable parameters can be decided from 0 -15000 .

Our Polar Fleece for Coolers are available in all different weight ranges from 220g ,280g,300g,

320g to 380g , and the finishing can be decided by the customers too .




The colors for all materials can be determined as per different customers’ requesting .

Thanks to our close cooperation with the suppliers, we can always enjoy the very advanced fabrics and bring them into our range ; We win and grow together with our suppliers and we expect to share this enjoyment and growth together with you all Excellency Customers !

Sourcing Dept.